The Berrics Canteen was created to provide skateboarders with the highest quality products from the best skate companies. Our focus is set entirely on skateboarding and will always remain so. Our goal is to promote skateboarders and the companies that support them, ensuring a successful and prosperous industry, and the continued growth of skateboarding as a whole.

The Berrics Canteen has assembled a team of the world’s greatest professional skateboarders. We are honored to count among them Steve Berra, Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Kenny Anderson, Jim Greco, Mikey Taylor, Erik Ellington, Mike Mo Capaldi, Sean Malto, Brandon Biebel, Kerry Getz, Peter Ramondetta, Jeron Wilson, Billy Marks, Guy Mariano and Rob Dyrdek. The Berrics Canteen Team also supports amateur skaters Jimmy Carlin, Cory Kennedy, Ray Maldonado, Nick McLouth, Walker Ryan, Daniel Espinoza, Donovan Strain, Shane O’Neill and Davis Torgerson.